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Frammento1 - Ivan Macera
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As a musician, I experiment with the sounds of stone in the most natural way for me, which is percussion. I am oriented towards the construction of lithophones in slate, dolomite, trachyte or terracotta, focusing on the interference patterns between two sounds. My interest is in the physics of the relationship between the frequencies involved in these sounds and the analysis of the result of their harmonic overlaying, which is obtained by using different types of hand-made mallets, sticks and bows. In 2015, thanks to Pinuccio Sciola, the sculptor of the Sounding Stones, I started to explore what was a new idea for me: I began to dehydrate fragments of stone, submerge them in water, and then document the sound that was produced by the liquid as it invaded the internal micro cavities using a hydrophone.

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Lo spazio buio, attraversato da sottili linee di luce, è il foglio della scrittura del corpo e della luce.
La luce è elemento ordinatore e scatenante. I movimenti di Alessandra Cristiani, contenuti o veloci, a volte impetuosi, quasi furenti, sempre consapevoli della luce, creano con quest’ultima luoghi inaspettati:
squarci, labirinti, aperture, visioni.
In queste terre diafane e materiche emergono suoni, come voci spiate dell’anatomia di un interno, nell’eco delle sue giunture, nell’annuncio minimo e nel rilancio epico dei suoi segni per sedurre ancora ciò che non vediamo e ciò che non sentiamo.

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玉 The Jade Project     Contemporary artists explore ancient Chinese jades

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The Jade Project, conceived by Filippo Salviati (Professor of East Asian Art History at Sapienza University, Rome, Italy) is an ongoing process of “interactive creation” that focuses on the intersecting and overlapping areas where science meets art. The archaic Chinese jades dialogue with the works of contemporary artists who have been inspired by these ancient artifacts. To date, despite decades of studies and research, much about these mysterious objects is still unknown.
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玉 sound - Ivan Macera
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Primitive Field

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Improvvisation is the boundary that separates and unites reality and potentiality: reality is the terrain of the rule, of what has been decided, solid and secure. Potentiality is the place where everything can be, where music can take shapes and follow unexpected directions. This elastic threshold is the area in which the three musicians, that join forces to create Primitive Field, dwell, in a constant evolution and synthesis of tribal atmospheres, jazz references and glimpses of contemporary music.
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Dreamtime story - Primitive Field
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The Cave

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Recorded live in 2013 at the Teatro Cantiere in Rome, The Cave is a research project by Marilena Paradisi and Ivan Macera on the atmospheres and sound worlds that may have accompanied life in the caves during the Paleolithic era. An imaginary journey in search of sounds, microscopic and intangible, powerful and resonant, which can be heard in the suspended silence of a cave. Understanding rock art through music, trying to translate the evocative power, creativity and feelings into sounds, the sounds that may have inspired the first "artists", who are supposed to be women.
The Cave #11 - Paradisi_Macera
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