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Sound artist | Percussionist


Based in Rome, Ivan Macera’s personal approach is based on experimentation and improvisation which provides the fertile niche that allows for the continuous and necessary evolution of the research of sound. Over the course of the years, he has dedicated his studies to observing and analyzing the relationships between resonances as the means of developing audio expression, elaborating and creating sound objects, kinetic sculptures and musical instruments, using largely natural materials from different places.

The focus on the timbre of the objects and reversing the concept of percussion occurred after his encounter with the Sardinian sculptor Pinuccio Sciola, which subsequently led him to follow this path more concretely with Diagenesi, a project that investigates the sounds of absorption that previously dehydrated stones emit when they are then immersed in liquid.

He also brings these emotional sound experiences to a didactic level where he conducts workshops on constructing soundscapes.


As a percussionist he has particpated in numerous projects with Italian and international artists which include the following:

Primitive Field, an improvisational project that bases its flow on the perfect union of the roots of tribal music with touches of contemporary music and jazz influences.

Initially conceived as a duo, with Ivan Macera on percussion and Christian Muela on didjeridoo, the group underwent a timbric evolution with the addition of Roberto Bellatalla on the Bass and Christian Muela’s use of electronics. In October 2018 Alcheringa, the trio’s first recording, was released for Slam.

Other collaborations include working with:

Multi-instrumentalist and vocal researcher Mauro Tiberi, with whom he performs intensely, presenting concerts that range from sacred music to the most radical sound experiments, and interacting with international artists of the caliber of Sainkho Namtchylak and Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

Marilena Paradisi, jazz vocalist and improviser with whom he recorded live “The Cave” for Silta Records. The broad scope of the project aimed to research the atmospheres and audio worlds that may have inhabited the caverns in Paleolithic times: a musical analysis of the rapport between the natural resonances of these places and the artistic production of the first pictorial images: the cave paintings.

Michiko Hirayama, the Japanese singer and muse of Giacinto Scelsi, in an improvisational performance with Marilena Paradisi based on the calligraphy of the painter Kaede Kumasaka ,which was created specifically for the performance.

Angelina Yershova, (composer, pianist), with a live performance for her latest recording, Resonance Night.

Composer and trombonist Ivan Bert; saxophone player Nicola Alesini; Cristiano Serino Etere Project for the Viva Verdi Festival held at the Casa Cava Auditorium of Matera.

Entropia feat Debora Longini, the electronic music collective founded in 1996, in BETWEEN LANDS: Electro-Folk Legends from Contemporary Tribes, a project that focused on the contamination between sounds and the typical formal solutions of electronic/digital music, “earthy” sounds such as percussion and songs whose roots are based in the folk tradition and diplophonic voices, for Eclectic.

Dancers such as Mariella Celia, Alessandra Cristiani, Maddalena Gana, Benedetta Capanna, Chiara Mogavero and the Egri Bianco Company, etc.

Fabio Gemo, anthropologist, documentarist, actor and director of the Center of Studies of Ethnodrama (Centro Studi sull’Etnodramma) and Mauro Tiberi with whom he performed in “Genesi”, which debutted at the Festival Opera Kantika of Monselice, the same year that Alejandro Jodorowsky was invited.

Additional performances include:

Underdog USA Tour 2016; Festa Europea della Musica; The International Festival of Poetry (Festival Internazionale di Poesia) in Genoa; the First of May concert in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna; Festival Poiesis; Atina Jazz Festival; concerts in Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Teatro India, Macro Testaccio, Teatro Valle, and various cathedrals and churches; Centro Santa Chiara in Trento; and Auditorium della Casa Cava in Matera, supported by the Australian Embassy.