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As a musician, I experiment with the sounds of stone in the most natural way for me, which is percussion. I am oriented towards the construction of lithophones in slate, dolomite, trachyte or terracotta, focusing on the interference patterns between two sounds. My interest is in the physics of the relationship between the frequencies involved in these sounds and the analysis of the result of their harmonic overlaying, which is obtained by using different types of hand-made mallets, sticks and bows. In 2015, thanks to Pinuccio Sciola, the sculptor of the Sounding Stones, I started to explore what was a new idea for me: I began to dehydrate fragments of stone, submerge them in water, and then document the sound that was produced by the liquid as it invaded the internal micro cavities using a hydrophone.

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Since my main goal is to examine imperceptible sounds using different types of stone, I think there could be two possible approaches to further the research on my project “Diagenesis”: an "analogic" one, which would consist in designing and assembling a prototype of a container with the technical feature of a condenser microphone in order to make recordings of the submerged stones; and a "digital" one, which would consist in making a 3D mapping of the internal structure of the stone, so as to be able to classify the sound response in correspondence to its porosity.

However, I welcome new ideas and suggestions that can be generated during the research and the exchange of views with people involved in the project.


I am interested in sensitizing people so that they may acquire heightened awareness and more accurate listening. Moreover, in general, my aim is not to focus on the sound pollution in which we are immersed, but rather to place attention on the extremely rich universe of microsounds that surround us.

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