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DIAGENESIS . Science Gallery Bengaluru  

15.12.19 - 31.01.20


An exhibition-season to explore our collective experience of water in everyday life and reflect on future challenges we confront. @Bangalore International Centre.

SUBMERGE Highlights

#SGB #ScienceCultureExperiment #ScienceGallery #music #event #Bangalore

The Jade Project . Cadaf digital art fair .

New York/Miami (May/Dec 2019)

In collaboration with and presented by Eldograte gallery. Sponsored by Meural canvases .

#cryptoart #raredigitalart #digitalart #contemporaryart

CORPOLUCE . (Residency 2019 - Narni IT) 

Performance created by Fabrizio Crisafulli and Alessandra Cristiani . 
Direction and light design: Fabrizio Crisafulli; dance: Alessandra Cristiani; sound: Ivan Macera (in collaboration with Francesco Diodati and Stefano Calderano); assistant director: Chiara Era .

Le 9 stanze: viaggio a tempo negli spazi dell'arte . 

Exhibit - Dispositivo ludico-esperienziale. 2019

In collaboration with: Sara Bernabucci, Stefano Calderano, Francesco Diodati .

Primitive Field

Circuitazioni festival - Rome .

With: Dellust . Gianni Trovalusci . Primitive Field . Bob Ostertag . LucaCollepiccolo . CrisX/JulieCosta . Olbos . Thomas Köner . Økapi .

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